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EEG Technician - Full Time - Neurology

Sheffield, OH

This is a clinical position responsible for operating specialized equipment which measures and records electrical activity of the brain, peripheral nervous system and spinal cord.   Work is performed in accordance with NOMS policies and procedures/applicable federal and state laws.  Effective performance requires independent action under general supervision. 


  • Complies with HIPAA and OSHA rules and regulations.
  • Conducts pretest consultations with patients in order to gather and record the patient’s medical history, adjusting the EEG procedure accordingly.
  • Prepares the patient for the EEG test
  • Properly measures electrode locations per Revised Expanded International 10-20 System.
  • Places EEG electrodes using paste or collodion technique, as appropriate
  • Conducts the EEG test per standard procedures and per laboratory policy.
  • Monitors patients’ progress throughout the test including monitoring heart rate, breathing, etc.
  • Observes patient during EEG seizure symptoms of any type, including staring spells, myoclonic jerks, facial twitching, eye blinking, automatisms, and convulsions.
  • Reports patient findings to physician, including notifying pnhysician of any major abnormalities (arrhythmias, interictal epilepiform abnormalities, focal slowing, electrographic seizures, etc.) for which immediate physician review would be advisable.
  • Maintains EEG equipment in good working order, notifying physician of any needed parts or repairs.
  • Schedules testing appointments as necessary. Reinforces need for follow-up with physician.
  • Avoids making diagnoses or interpreting the EEG for the patient or family.
  • Orders supplies.


  • Ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand.
  • Ability to determine causes of operating errors and determining how to solve the problem.
  • Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas.
  • Ability to speak clearly for others to understand.
  • Ability to reason both inductively and deductively.
  • Ability to manage one’s own time.
  • Ability to think logically.
  • Strong customer service skills.
  • Demonstrates good medical judgment, including; anticipating problems, recognizing new medical issues, appropriately notifying physician of new or significant issues.


  • Associate of Applied Science degree or equivalent training and experience.
  • Minimum of three years’ experience preferred.


  • Certified by the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic Technologies, or clear path to certification is present.
  • Current CPR certification.
  • Required to maintain CE requirements.



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