ACOs improve Quality and Reduces Costs While Preserving Medicare Beneficiaries Choice of Providers

NOMS ACO improved care for almost 10,000 beneficiaries across the northern part of Ohio and saved Medicare over $5.1 million by meeting cost and quality goals in 2020, according to recently released performance data from the federal agency that administers Medicare.

NOMS Healthcare became one of 35 advanced pay Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) across the United States in 2013. Simply stated, the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) loaned NOMS Healthcare $1.7 million to build the infrastructure/transformation essential to become a successful ACO. This loan was repaid through the earned shared savings from 2019 and 2020.

“Our champion physicians led this transformation that had a strong focus on population health (taking care of all patients, not just the one’s presenting to the office) and building a robust care management team to help patients manage their health in between visits. These initiatives ensured that our patients receive the right care, at the right time and at the appropriate site of service,” commented Rebecca Rohrbach, chief population health officer of NOMS Healthcare.

ACOs across the nation served 10.6 million seniors and collectively saved CMS $4.1 billion last year, and $1.9 billion after accounting for shared savings payments to ACOs.1 NOMS Healthcare is proud to be a contributor to these impressive statistics and being a part of the solution in transforming healthcare.

NOMS ACO earned a quality score of 100 percent on the performance measures ranging from preventable health checks, care of at-risk population as well as care coordination/patient safety. The $5,183,270 gross savings to Medicare resulted in a shared savings payment of $2 million to NOMS ACO. A bit over $1.1 million of the shared savings was retained by CMS to complete the repayment of the advanced loan. Approximately $900,000 received will be reinvested, building on the infrastructure as well as refining care delivery for their patients.